Alice Gur-Arie began her career as a copywriter and graphic designer, eventually responsible for positioning global brands, and developing and executing their marketing and communication strategies.

Returning to her creative roots several years ago as an artist/photographer, Alice has produced five exhibitions, including The Iceland Trilogy, held at the Embassy of Iceland in London, England, and Black, White and Red held in Nice, France.

Well known for capturing landscapes and seascapes from around the world, her work sits in the sweet spot where fine art and photography converge. She has been nominated for a Terry O’Neill Tag Photography Award, and auctioned at Christie's. Tapestry from the series Still, Quiet Blue was long listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize. In addition to limited edition, gallery works, Ms. Gur-Arie creates images specifically for commercial licensing. These are available exclusively through the internationally renowned Bridgeman Images, who featured her as Artist of the Month in Spring 2015.

About her work she says,
"My images combine photography and painting, which provides an infinite capacity for
exploration and innovation. The work does not neatly fit into one medium or the other, but rather offers a new aesthetic which requires understanding the point at which they converge."

Say It With Alice is "straight" photography which explores subjects as diverse as Industry and Nature, and reflects life around us. Under this banner is the ongoing body of work entitled In Public Places. Neither posed nor staged, these spontaneous street images capture public moments which are presented as the face of a story.

Ms. Gur-Arie holds degrees in English literature, Education and Business.

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