Alice Gur-Arie
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Alice is an award nominated mixed media artist who takes photographs around the world and repaints them by hand into contemporary, limited edition, fine art images.
From bold saturated abstracts to soft, textured tones, the concept of "seeing" is at the heart of her practice. Combining photography with digital painting, Alice invites the viewer to replace the window through which they see the world, with a lens that interprets the world into something that is at once familiar and foreign. Inspired by the natural world, landscapes, seascapes, nature, and wildlife dominate her portfolio. Alice is completely self taught.
Treating the photograph as a canvas, images are digitally repainted by hand with a "brush", sometimes in layers, sometimes pixel by pixel. Of her creative approach Alice says, "My work is not about digital manipulation or software, but about my vision, and my ability to transform the canvas into an aesthetically compelling, memorable, visual experience that appeals to the head and the heart."
Alice's work has been exhibited at the Embassy of Iceland in London and auctioned at Christie's London. Several of her images have been selected by US publishers for book covers. She is represented by Bridgeman Images internationally. Her work is held in collections in the UK, Canada, the USA, Germany, and Israel.
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Borderline, and many of the limited edition (5) images in the Instagram gallery are for sale. For information on sizes, prices, framing or commissions, or to sign up to Alice's mailing list, please use the contact form below. Feedback is always welcome.
Image: Borderline. Photographed in Wales.                                                                                          
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